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The Amazon App

Our culture is one of self-reliance, impatience, and instant gratification. Materialism whispers in our ear to promote, primp, indulge our outer self. What happens when your inner self and your outer existence collide leaving you spinning, no longer feeling you can rely on your own timing because, in hindsight, when you did, things went awry? ...

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Apps4Life: Camera

Many of us are taking all kinds of pictures using the camera apps on our phones. We record special events, use pictures to accompany text, send our pictures to friends and family via Facebook, Instagram, etc. AND… many people are addicted to taking pictures of themselves - better known as selfies. Like so many attitudes and actions of the 21st century, the selfie epi...

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Bod4God: Your Team

From the beginning of the world God placed people into community. We are not intended to live independently. Bound together under the wisdom of God, we are far more able to live and prosper. Even when we read about individuals like David or Paul, they are set in the middle of a community. God tells us His story through the people (plural) of God....

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