Teach Me to Pray Our Father Day 2

Our Father Who Art in Heaven

Praying with Another’s Words

Using a written prayer can still be a very personal conversation with God. As you read this prayer - go slow! Let the meaning of each phrase soak into your heart. Underline words or phrases that have a high impact on your heart. Pause to add your own further prayer thoughts at any point. Write a phrase that impresses you in your prayer journal and expand it with your own thoughts.

Almighty Father (Daddy), How amazing it is that you want me to pray to you – the Holy One, the Maker of heaven and earth.  You are in heaven, but always near to me.  You promise to hear me, as insignificant as I feel in your vast universe.  My time with you in prayer fills my heart with your grace, comfort and joy.  I can always come to you, anytime, anyplace, any circumstance…….and you listen!

I want to be faithful in praying to you.  Send your Spirit to help me to pray more often. I want to spend more time with you as I desire to know you and your will more fully and to focus on it.   You know what I need before I talk to you.

You also know what this world needs.  I pray that your will is done here as well as it is in heaven.  As we begin this new year, my prayer is also that those in the world would come to know you, that the world would better reflect your intent when you created it. Disrupt the work of Satan and come quickly to establish your Kingdom on earth.