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Church: Made for More


Today, when we say the word “church” it conjures up a lot of different images and ideas in peoples’ minds: a close-minded religious group, a comfortable gathering of like-minded believers, a building. There are countless different definitions, some positive, others negative, but very few could be called “inspiring.” But what if all of these definitions miss the m...

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Letters for Exiles

Letters For Exiles - Title

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an “exile” is someone who is living in a “voluntary or forced absence from their home or country.” It is a word used to describe the feeling of dis-location that so many people face when living far away from the comfortable or the familiar....

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The story of Genesis is a story of remarkable beginnings that introduces us to the person of God, the nature of our world, and what it means to live a life of faith. Ultimately, it is a story that points us to the grace of God given to us through Jesus who is the Word made flesh who has come to bring light into our darkness, life from death, and hope to every nation on ear...

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