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Enduring Friendship


This series dives into the book of Philemon, a surprising source of wisdom on friendship. ...

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Nearness of God


In 1966 TIME Magazine’s front page asked the question, “Is God Dead?” What the article went on to explore was the challenge presented by the brokenness of our world to religious faith. What it argued was that if God is not dead, He is at least absent or elusive. MIA. Asleep on the job. It dared to ask, “If God is still alive, where is He?”...

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How to Inhabit Time

How to Inhabit TIme

The book of Ecclesiastes seems like an odd place to go to find answers. Initially it sounds like an awfully stoic and, at times, even depressing book. But in its pages we find wisdom for living in a world where time seems short and pleasures fleeting....

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Walking with the King

walkingwiththeking - title

Mark’s Gospel is the earliest biography of the life of Jesus that we have. Most likely written between 50 and 60 AD, it provides us with a detailed account of Jesus’ ministry from his baptism to his resurrection....

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Five Habits for Life

5 Habits - Title

Each new year brings with it the opportunity for a new start. We look ahead to the coming 12 months with hopes, dreams, goals, and ambitions.... ...

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Songs of the Season


We live in a world in which waiting is uncomfortable. In a time of instant gratification and quick fixes, we will do anything to get past “the in-between” times to find relief and quick answers to life’s struggles. But, if we push past the times of waiting, lament, and longing, we miss the glory of the arrival on the other side of the waiting. ...

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Exodus: The Gospel According to Moses

Exodus - Title

The Bible holds stories that go beyond simple words on a page. These stories give us a deeper understanding of faith, sin, and salvation. ...

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Rethinking Rest

Rethinking Rest - Title

Do you need a vacation from your vacation? Maybe you need to spend some time Rethinking Rest....

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Life in Light of Eternity

Ephesians Series Title

Ancient Ephesus was one of the greatest urban centers in the Roman world. It was host to the Temple of Artemis, considered one of the great wonders of the ancient world. It was diverse, cosmopolitan, and home to a variety of religions. And what some saw as challenges, Paul saw as opportunities, for the church in Ephesus became one of the great sending churches in the ancie...

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Surprising Faith

Surprising Faith Title

This Sunday, we celebrate Pentecost, which marks a turning point in the story of God’s people......

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