How to Inhabit Time

How to Inhabit TIme

The author D. H. Lawrence once wrote:

If only we could have two lives: The first one in which to make our mistakes…and the second in which to profit from those mistakes.

But unfortunately there are no dress rehearsals for life; we’ve only got one shot at it. So how do we make the most of our lives? How do we live in a world that is constantly changing, where time is fleeting, and moments pass in an instant?

The book of Ecclesiastes seems like an odd place to go to find answers. Initially it sounds like an awfully stoic and, at times, even depressing book. But in its pages we find wisdom for living in a world where time seems short and pleasures fleeting. Ecclesiastes teaches us how to inhabit time well, making the most of our days, as well as where to fix our ultimate hope and find lasting joy.

Week 1: Grasping for Time (April 14th)

Week 2: When Good Things Become God Things (April 21st)

Week 3: Learning to Live in Season (April 28th)

Week 4: Wisdom in a Broken World (May 5th)

Week 5: Living for Eternity (May 12th)

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