Walking with the King

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Mark’s Gospel is the earliest biography of the life of Jesus that we have. Most likely written between 50 and 60 AD, it provides us with a detailed account of Jesus’ ministry from his baptism to his resurrection.

Many scholars believe that the anonymous author of this account was John Mark, a student of Simon Peter. It is believed that Mark based this account on Peter’s own eyewitness accounts of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. As one of Jesus’ closest friends and a member of his inner circle, Peter was very familiar with the central message of Jesus’ preaching: the kingdom of God. Mark’s gospel is a reflection of how he tells the story of Jesus’ life. It is filled with references to the kingdom of God, and portrays Jesus as the one who inaugurates the kingdom and is its rightful king.

Though the shortest of the four gospels, Mark contains some of the most moving portrayals of Jesus’ life, ministry, and teaching. It is an action-packed narrative as we move swiftly through the various episodes of Jesus’ life and public ministry. Mark proves himself a master storyteller, carefully selecting his content to paint a vibrant and nuanced picture of Jesus. In many ways, he aims to lay the essential facts about Jesus’ ministry bare and allow his readers to decide for
themselves who this man is.

As such, it is an ideal gospel for those looking at Jesus's life for the first time. Mark’s gospel ends with an open-ended question: “Who do you say Jesus is?” As we dive into this series, we are invited to bring our questions, doubts, and reservations and to keep an open mind. This gospel is one to be discussed, debated, and considered carefully. But through it, we hope that you will come to see Jesus as far more than some ancient and obscure historical figure, but rather as the dynamic, inspiring, confusing, and wonderful person that He is.

Join us as we take a walk with the King.

Ash Wednesday - Feb. 14th: Preparing for the King

Feb. 18th: Stories of the Kingdom

Feb. 25th: Fear & Faith

Mar. 3rd: A Tale of Two Kings

Mar. 10th: Inside Outsiders

Mar. 17th: A Mountaintop Experience

Mar. 24th: The Fruit of the Kingdom

Maundy Thursday - Mar 28th: Betrayed

Good Friday - Mar 29th: Crucified

Easter Sunday - Mar 31th: So What Do YOU Think?