Congratulations on your decision to get married! God created us to live in relationships with others, and marriage is the ultimate way to live out this plan of God for our lives.

It is important for you to prepare for not only your wedding, but your marriage too! Marriage preparation classes are encouraged for all who have a wedding at Trinity. Information on these classes will be given to you as a part of the wedding planning process.

If you would like one of the pastors from Trinity to perform your ceremony or would like to have your ceremony at a Trinity site, please submit your request below.

PLEASE NOTE: Trinity is glad to provide a pastor and/or space for a wedding for those who are connected (in some way) to our church family, or for those who live in the communities where we have worship sites and who do NOT have a church home.

If you are an active part of a church family outside of Trinity, we would encourage you to speak to your own pastor about your wedding. To keep our worship facilities available to those in our church family and our local community, we normally do not do weddings for those who live elsewhere but are looking for a church space close to their reception, etc.

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