The Storyteller: Rich Man and Lazarus day 5

Who Are You?

There was also a beggar named Lazarus who was regularly brought to the gate of the rich man’s house. Luke 16:20 (GW)

Sometimes in the growing years a child comes to feel that their name just doesn’t fit and selects a nickname informing the mystified parents. Sometimes the nickname is given as an unwelcome label by others. In one case the child is reaching for a better definition of who they are, in the other they may cry out ‘That’s not who I am!”

Jesus carefully chooses a name for the beggar in his story, Lazarus - the One Whom God Helps. What a great name! That’s a name I want!

Yet I must admit that I do have Rich Man tendencies, enjoying my own self-sufficiencies and ignoring the God-given role I have in the lives of others. Who wants to be a beggar at the gate?

Jesus is telling me that in any circumstance, we all need God’s help. As Jesus walked through the dust of earth, with every step he found people in need of his help, whether they knew it or not… and he helped as only God can.

Call me Lazarus! I thank you Father for sending the best help for my need. I pray Holy Spirit, open my eyes to see the others in great need of your loving touch. Help me to teach them their new name, Lazarus. Amen