The Storyteller: The Unjust Judge and the Widow

Our Judge

“In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor respected man.” Luke 18:2 ESV

This judge is such a...jerk. He acknowledges that he doesn't care about God or mankind. But this sort of characterization helps us to put our own scenario into perspective. You see he, the judge, was in charge, and answered to no one. The widow on the other hand, because she was a widow with no man to stand for her, had no legal standing in the Jewish community. The contrast is striking -  the judge has all the authority and power and answers to no one. She doesn't have any power at all and is heard by no one.

We need to see that our sin has created that sort of chasm between us and God too.  There is no higher authority for us to answer to, yet we have no legal standing to approach him with an appeal. We have fallen short of his standard of holiness.

We'd be stuck there if it weren't for Jesus. He alone bridges the chasm, acts as our advocate so that our prayers reach God, our Heavenly Father. Jesus makes it clear that we can trust our Father to hear. It’s in his nature to listen and respond.


So today, consider that hopeless thing that has simply dropped off your prayer list. Go boldly to God with that prayer, praising him for the reason you can do so.