The Storyteller: The Unjust Judge and the Widow day 4

Persistence, Patience and Hope

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer” Romans 12:12 NIV

Jesus, indeed is a master storyteller. Look at the contrast between the judge and the widow. The Judge was one of the most important roles in Jewish society. Much importance was given to adhering to the rules and often times, a judge was required to adjudicate concerning important matters. On the other hand, being a widow meant an extremely limited role with no legal standing. There can be no confusion about the judge's character. He was "unjust" and "neither feared God nor cared for people". An unjust judge up against a lowly widow - a classic mismatch!! However, in spite of all odds, the persistence of the widow eventually sees justice.

Contrast this story of an unjust judge giving in to persistent requests from the widow to benevolent God answering his children who patiently petition him day and night. Jesus implores us never to give up on prayers. Yet, you feel let down that your prayers are not answered quickly. Jesus gives assurance in the parable that God hears the cries of his children and he will grant them justice. Rest assured that God will here the need in your prayer and will answer according to his loving plan.

Jesus ends the parable with a startling  cliffhanger. Will there be faith on earth when our Lord comes back? Considering the state of our world today, can we answer this question with any certainty? Pray ceaselessly for the second coming of our Lord. Pray with hope that there would be faith in this world.  


Reflect on the nature of your “normal” prayer conversation with God. Consider how an adjustment of persistence, patience and hope would change that conversation.