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The Heart of the Matter

What’s your gut reaction to words like Islam, Muslim, Allah, Quran? For most, I believe, it’s fear. How will Islam impact our lives?...

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A God Who Brings Relief!

Jesus teaches that suffering is a result of sin and is the byproduct of life in a broken and sinful world, and can be brought to a God-pleasing end. He teaches that taking on suffering brings redemption....

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For the Hindu, you are an eternal being that has been “reincarnated” in your present form. You may not have a memory of your previous incarnations, but you have always existed and will continue to exist in future incarnations once this current life is done. ...

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Jesus Walks into a Bar

Simply put, everything cannot be true. You cannot say all religions are true unless you are willing to open the door for the reverse, that all religions are false...

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