Teach Me to Pray Thy Kingdom Come Day 5


Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Visual Prayer

We invite you experiment with Devotional Art, a process that has a product of written words, designs or drawings that are visual reminders of time spent with God in prayer. This process slows your mind and open new paths for learning and focus. Still the mind from distractions and pay attention to God’s Word and the breath of the Spirit through a more visual world of prayer and meditation.

God’s kingdom does not consist of what a person eats or drinks. Rather, God’s kingdom consists of God’s approval and peace, as well as the joy that the Holy Spirit gives. The person who serves Christ with this in mind is pleasing to God and respected by people.  
Romans 14:17–18 (GW)

So what does it look like when God’s Kingdom is merging heaven and earth? Don’t spend too much time interpreting this doodle. Instead, pull out your prayer journal and sketch out your own, or make a listing of key indicators of the presence of God’s Kingdom, life in line with God’s will. Translate your ideas into prayers for the people who live in your home, neighborhood, workplace, community.