Foolish Things Christians Believe: My Death Is Not Final day 4

Open the Door to Hope
He has put a sense of eternity in people’s minds. Yet, mortals still can’t grasp what God is doing from the beginning to the end ⌊of time⌋. Ecclesiastes 3:11 GW

Christians sometimes tackle bunnies and candy like they’re a personal affront to their Easter. Instead of doing battle with apologetics, open your ears and listen. Bono sings, “It’s hard to listen while you preach.” I would add, it’s hard to listen when you’re preached at.

When we listen, we seek to understand the person with the hole of hopelessness rather than explain ourselves. We reflect the genuine care of Jesus, revealing the heart of God. We should not be surprised that this listening form of love would bring an open door for the Good News of Easter.

Today’s verse from Ecclesiastes points the strain between humanity’s internal drive to a future and our inability to make sense of the present. That’s a great entry point for conversation that tips into the spectrum of listening. Go ahead and ask life’s big questions like the ones listed below, but keep the listening going by asking clarifying questions along the way. Prep by forming your Christ centered answers to those questions, but don’t give them until they are asked for. Having them ready will help you fine tune your listening.
• Where did I come from?
• What am I here for?
• How shall I live?
• Is this all there is?