The Storyteller: Rich Man and Lazarus day 3

Some Threads of Thought
We love because God first loved us. 1 John 4:19 ESV

As I meditate on this parable, the Spirit has placed a few threads of thought in my mind. Reflect with me on how each brings color and meaning to my life.

The Thread of God – this parable is soaked in God’s character. He is strong in compassion and will be grieved when it is lacking in his children. He brings comfort to those lost in sin through the gift of a Savior.

The Thread of Me – I may try to lie to myself about being self-sufficient and I may enjoy the trappings of ease, but eternally it’s all a lie. I really am the beggar in dire need of healing. The only solid source of comfort is God, thanks be to him!

The Thread of My Calling – The gift of God’s compassion is something to be passed on. God does not give us gifts so I can hoard them but to share and sometimes lavish them on others. I live his command to love others as he has loved me. Choosing who I share this gift with – that’s up to God. The choice I have is to watch who is at my gate and step up to the plate. I sometimes don’t make that choice for a multitude of reasons. Yet God is merciful and gives me another chance to join in his work of weaving compassion into the tapestry of life.

Join me this prayer
· to follow God’s calling
· to trust his provision for everything I lack in follow through
· “pray it forward” – giving thanks for blessings to come when I see his love for me become love for others.