Week Three - Failure and Restoration - Trinity Green Trails

April 10, 2016 Speaker: Mark Schulz Series: Following Jesus Through Easter

Topic: Doubt Scripture: John 21:1–19

We will all fail at some point in our journey as we follow Jesus. But when we do, we can be confident that Jesus will restore us and equip us for greater levels of service to him and to his mission. Peter was considered the boldest of the disciples. He proudly proclaims Jesus to be “the Christ, the son of the living God!” He boldly insists he will never turn his back on Jesus. He courageously cuts off the ear of one of those who have come to arrest Jesus. But just as Jesus predicted, when the stakes were the highest, Peter denies Jesus – and not once but three times. His failure was dramatic and complete. He must have wondered if Jesus would deny Peter in return. After all, Jesus had warned, “if you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father who is in heaven.” But Jesus is not done with Peter. Just as Peter denied him three times, Jesus gives Peter three opportunities to declare his love for Jesus. And after each declaration Jesus restates the mission – to extend the same love and forgiveness he is receiving to others. Empowered by this forgiveness by Jesus, Peter becomes a powerful witness to the Gospel – even at the point of giving his whole life!