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The Gospel of Ruth - God


We’re inviting you to read Ruth as a whole piece each week. 
Curl up with the Good Book for some quality time with God this week. Listen to this tragic happily ever after story from a different perspective each week and see what new thing you hear from God. Make a new observation, connection, thanksgiving, WOW!, Ahaa! We’ll give you some of ours for a kick start. Turn those thoughts into a conversation with God and petitions for others. This first week we’re listening for the perspective of God. Though not visibly active look carefully for his footprints. If you want to join the Take It Home group on The City, you’ll be able to post your observation for the week for everyone in the group to share.


Where is He? Where’s God? In a book planted firmly in the midst of the Old Testament, He should be there…. shouldn’t He? But at first glance, we don’t find Him – no mention, no attention.

Read again! Peel away the beautiful story and see Him: in the creation in which it’s set; in those formed in His image; in their obedience to His ways; in the “redemption” displayed which mirrors His. There He is!!!


God is a God with many names. Each name illustrates a facet of His character. In getting to know the names, we get to know God and His character a little. God is The Lord (Yahweh): He rules everything and all must bow to Him. God is The Lord of Peace (Yahweh Shalom): He is there when we experience trials and tribulations and are in need of comfort. God is God Almighty (El Shaddai): He is all-powerful. God is The Lord of Hosts (Yahweh Sabaoth): Our savior and protector. Knowing these characteristics of God, gives the peace and security to weather the storms of life in this book of Ruth. It causes me to ask, “How can the characteristics of God affect my mission?”


“As it turned out, she found herself working in a field belonging to Boaz, who was from the clan of Elimelech.” - Ruth 2:3b NIV
It just so happened that Ruth found herself in the field belonging to Boaz? I don’t think so! God’s hands were all over that happenstance. Throughout the whole story of Ruth we see God’s graciousness and mercy towards Ruth and Naomi. God’s unfailing love and kindness are woven deep into Ruth’s story and into ours.


God in His mercy thinks and acts in systems! The hand of our gracious God is all over the book of Ruth, systematically! God’s unfailing love is not just His attitude, it’s His plan built into the fabric of His people. God provided that a relative (a male) had the right to take to marry the widow of a relative so that the family line would not die! That’s a system of care! It was our gracious God at work through the community!


“Redeemer" pops up in the book a number of times. It was God’s design to protect and care for the chosen people, bringing the ultimate care the entire world needed, namely the Christ! He is the one we know by faith as our Redeemer! It is in a wonderful sense that way for us! The sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus and His victorious resurrection “redeems” us, keeps us alive in the family line of the heavenly Father. That’s some system! That’s a blessed system! Think about it! The blessings are all ours as His people by faith today!