Week 4 Boaz - TKW

May 28, 2017 Speaker: Series: The Gospel of Ruth

Topic: Gods Love Scripture: Ruth 2–4

We’ve been focusing on two women, but along comes Boaz. He is presented as a prominent member of the community. A man with wealth and the power that comes with it. A man who greets his people with words of blessing that summons God’s presence into the community. They are all active agents of God’s Kingdom. He is a total contrast to Naomi and Ruth. He not only tolerates Ruth’s presence; he gives her protection and meets her needs above and beyond the minimum required. He uses his advantages, power, and resources. He gives Hesed when a handful of gleaned grain becomes a daily ration to feed two and enough grain to go to market with. He has an understanding of  community that says, we are not alone. The needs of one are the needs of all.

He also steps up to the Ezer champion role, taking on the long term commitment for Naomi and Ruth’s future. Boaz teaches us that God weaves us into family, our biological family but also our family of God at Trinity. We are better together ;) We might tend towards seeing people with needs as a drain or slowing our mission. Ruth shows what great assets they bring in their own person. Boaz shows how an honorable person’s attitudes and actions can bring a whole community into action.

We can also contrast Boaz with Elimelech. When confronted with the judgment of famine, Elimelech flees to Moab. He and his family only meet failure. Boaz endures and prospers. One other nameless male character in the story, the one related most closely who carries the role of kinsman redeemer is afraid to take on a responsibility that has no benefit. The land he wants, Ruth he has no care for. Boaz takes the responsibility.

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