A New People

November 5, 2023 Speaker: Nick Price Series: Exodus: The Gospel According to Moses

We are continuing our exploration of the book of Exodus.  In this week's section, we come to the famous giving of the 10 Commandments. The 10 Commandments are a law code that Western society has looked to through the ages as the basis for all laws and morality. Sadly, this has led to the impression among many that this is ultimately what God came to do: to give us laws to obey so that we will be welcomed in. But that is not what Exodus tells us. Rather, we learn that God has already welcomed us in and now gives us laws to guide us as we learn to live as His people. This encounter between God and His people is about what it looks like to live as new people, free people, godly people who are called by the Lord’s name and set apart for His purposes in the world.

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