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Week 1 - Faith In The Face Of Fear - TGT

September 4, 2016 Speaker: Series: Songs of the Heart

Topic: Psalms Scripture: Psalm 3:1–5, 1 John 4:13–18

Fear is one of the most basic and primal of emotions. And like all emotions, it points us to something true and real, but it can also overwhelm us. Healthy fear drives us to seek safety and shelter. Unhealthy fear, on the other hand, can paralyze us.

In Psalm 3, we encounter both kinds. David is running for his life from those who would seek to destroy him. His is a form of healthy fear. But as he considers his circumstances, he is very nearly overwhelmed by that which frightens him. In verse 2, David faces the unhealthy kind of fear which seeks to undermine his very identity, his sense of self.