Week 2: I Don't Have Enough Time - TGT

July 10, 2016 Speaker: Mike Curtis Series: Margin

Topic: Margin Scripture: Psalm 31:14–15, Job 14:5

Nowhere is margin more of a problem in our modern society than in the management of our time. In the middle of the 20th century, futurists predicted one of the major problems we would face in the 21st century would be what to do with all our free time! For example, in 1967 testimony before a Senate committee predicted that by 1985 people would be working an average of 22 hours a week and only 27 weeks out of the year! But instead, the American work week has only continued to rise in recent years. And if that wasn’t enough, we fill whatever spare time we have with activity after activity. We binge watch TV shows, spend weekends at athletic tournaments, and fill our evenings with chores at home and meetings or other activities in the community. We just “don’t have enough time.”

But there is a price to pay for all this activity. Relationships suffer. Work is left undone. A quick text replaces a longer and more relational phone conversation. Life speeds by. And heaven help us (literally!) if a friend needs time to talk, or our kids need some extra attention. Do you dread someone you care about asking the question, “Do you have a minute?” because it will throw your tight schedule for a loop? If so… you don’t have margin in your life!