Trinity Kimberly Way Messages

My Past is not Fatal

April 8, 2018 Speaker: Mark Schulz Series: Foolish Things Christians Believe

Topic: Identity Passage: Luke 23:32–23:43

From a daily, human perspective, our past shapes our daily life. A criminal record can deny someone a chance to work, to vote, or to enjoy the freedoms others enjoy. A selfish act committed against another person can affect that relationship forever. The guilt from our past can live in our minds and lives long after the act itself, preventing us from being all God created us to be. From a human perspective this all makes sense – we “reap what we sow” and must live with the mistakes of our past.


But the truth of God’s grace declares a foolish concept: forgiveness. No matter what I have done in the past, God has declared me forgiven and righteous through the saving work of Jesus. In some way beyond my understanding God forgets my sins of the past, chooses not to condemn, and each day gives me a new start. My past is not fatal. In Christ I can survive my failings and live in freedom and joy!