Trinity Kimberly Way Messages

We Reach Out with The Good News

November 19, 2017 Speaker: Nick Price Series: This is Us

Topic: Trinity's Mission Passage: Acts 2:1–2:47, Acts 17:16–17:34

The Pentecost story is surprising and miraculous in a few ways. First, the Spirit is poured out on all. Men, women, children, are all given the gift, not just a special few like Peter, James, and John. Compelled and led by that Spirit, we are told (v. 4) that all of them began to speak in other languages so that all the visitors to Jerusalem can hear the good news in their native tongue. Note that they all probably spoke at least Greek, but God made sure they could hear this important message in a way that was natural to each of them and gave them the best chance to believe it. In the church today God continues to pour out his spirit on each one of us. We all have unique stories to tell and a unique opportunity to share this good news with the people God has placed in our lives.