Group Life at Trinity Kimberly Way

Group Life at Trinity Kimberly Way

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At Trinity, we believe the best way to grow as a disciple of Jesus, learning how to look, live and love more like him, happens through group life. Here we get to "do life together," engaging in others' lives while studying God's Word and applying what we learn to those everyday lives. 

The rhythm of small group life is easy to follow. Most of our groups meet weekly for an hour or so. We meet during "trimesters" throughout the year and specifically take the months of January, May, and September to raise up new leaders, recruit for the coming trimester, meet for social gatherings and do service projects. 

With the number of groups we have at Trinity, we have options for meeting days and times. For families with small children, we even have parent groups meeting at 10:00am on Sundays (so families can worship together at 8:30am and attend small group while their kids are at KidStreet). We have groups meeting online and in-person. Click below to explore and find your people!

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