TKW Spiritual Life Assessment

TKW Spiritual Life Assessment

Grant, Lord, that I may know myself that I may know thee. ~St. Augustine

Self-knowledge is an essential part of growing as a follower of Jesus. That is why we have developed something called The Spiritual Life Assessment to help you reflect on your own walk with Christ and take next steps in pursuing your own growth.

The assessment evaluates you in seven areas that are essential for thriving spiritually. They are...

  • Worship
  • Connect
  • Serve
  • Generosity
  • Leading
  • Sharing
  • Accountability

After taking the assessment you will receive an email with your results so that you can then develop a plan for continued growth. Ideally, this assessment is taken as a part of a small group and is discussed with someone from your small group community.

To take the assessment, simply click the assessment button below...