This Is Us

This Is Us

This is Us

The Acts of the Apostles is a family album. We see snapshots of the early church as the Holy Spirit moves them through the mission Jesus had entrusted to them. In this series we’re looking at eight stories in sermons and eight stories in a small group study that serve to remind us of who they were, the people first trying to figure out what “church” was to be. We also learn more about who we are, driven by the same Holy Spirit on the same mission to look, live and love more like Jesus and help others to do the same.

We want our church to be a family that loves and cares, challenges and encourages and reaches to impact other lives. We are praying that This Is Us will help us learn more and more to be there for one another. To understand life together in God’s family. We’re praying for you as individuals and as a group as you begin this journey together through the book of Acts, that this study will be a time that you look back on someday and say – that’s when God really made us a big, wonderful, growing, joyful family having an impact on our community!


Are you ready to jump into this study with us?  Join a group today!  We have groups that meet every day of the week, some in the morning, others in the afternoon, or in the evening. 


You can purchase the book for the study at the connect desk at any Trinity site, or online through Amazon.

Need some help navigating our new group sign-up system? Check out this video from Pastor Nick.


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