"A Reconciler’s Journey"

New Series - Starts January 4/5, 2020 

We live in a world where relationships are torn apart by conflict and reconciliation seems elusive. Though we are called to be ambassadors of reconciliation living out that calling is a real challenge for many of us.

The Old Testament story of Jacob and Esau shows just how messy pursuing reconciliation is. It is a tale of hurts, betrayals, and division, but one which ends with a surprising picture: two brothers who suddenly are reconciled to one another.

In this series we look at how this story paints a picture for us of the journey that we all must go on to become reconcilers in our families, communities, and personal relationships, and we see how Jesus is the one who, ultimately, reconciles us all to himself and now calls us to be reconcilers in the world.

January 4/5 - An Invitation to the Journey

January 11/12 - Repentance

January 18/19 - Forgiving & Asking For Forgiveness

January 25/26 - Healing the Past, Living in the Present