If you're interested in getting connected at Trinity Church, there are four ways to get started:

Attend A Weekend Service Regularly

Weekend Services are where we get a chance to gather together for worship and teaching from the Bible. One of the most rewarding, most important aspects of the Christian life is gathering with other people. We have the opportunity to worship and to learn the truths of the Bible together. It's in worship that we are spurred on to live out what we believe the other six days of the week. Weekend services are where we can invite new friends to hear the simple truth about who Jesus is and what He's done for them. If you're interested in being involved at Trinity, this is the most fundamental step.

Get Into A Small Group

If you only attend a weekend worship service, you may attend for months and not really get to know many people - that's just how it works in larger gatherings! Our Small Groups are designed to help you make new friends, apply the Bible to your life, and receive the support and encouragement that we all need. We have Small Groups that meet all over the area; check them out on our Small Groups Page.

Take The Discover Series

The Discover Series is a four-part series designed to help you mature as a follower of Jesus, and learn more about who we are and what we believe at Trinity Church. We offer one session in the series each month, and you may take them in any order. Childcare is provided for children from nursery - 5th grade. If you want to learn more about what we believe as a church, or are considering making Trinity your church home, this is a great next step for you. To register or just to learn more, visit the Discover Series page.

Serve Somewhere

Serving is one of the fundamental things that defined the ministry of Jesus. We are never more like Jesus than when we are serving. As followers of Jesus, we devote ourselves to a life of service in His church and in our communities. It's an important part of growing as a disciple of Jesus. The best way to get started serving is to talk with your Small Group leader or contact Zach Gates. They will help you navigate how we serve in the midst of Jesus' church.

Attend An Event

Events are where we get to know one another in a non-church environent. It's a chance to just to hang out, learn something new, or just have fun.

Our BIG family events are centered around specific holidays like Christmas, Easter, Veteran's Day, and MLK Day. These events are geared toward families with young children and focus on teaching children about these holidays. We also host fun for families on the first Friday of each month.

Events, like the Global Leadership Summit are geared toward adults and meant to sharpen skills needed in everyday life. These can range from finances, leadership, and parenting.

We also just like to get together and just have fun. Events like our 10-Year Anniversary party coming up in October of this year, are meant for everyone. It's our version of the neighborhood block party, only we host it in the parking lot at Trinity Green Trails. Great food, fun games for all ages, great music, are some of the things you can expect. What better place to get to know us than at a party.

Check them out on our Events page.