Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend

Saturday, April 20 at 5pm and Sunday, April 21 at 9am & 10:45am

The Easter story is one of the greatest and most surprising stories in human history, for it highlights that there is joy beyond mourning, hope beyond despair, and life after death. Yet often these themes are lost on us because of our overfamiliarity with the tale.

But this year, we want to step back into the shoes of the people who were first there and to see how, in this story, we encounter God’s answer to loss, pain, and death with the surprising miracle of Christ’s resurrection. In John’s gospel we see Jesus’ disciples trapped in a place of despair. But their weeping turns to joy when Christ comes in the midst of their sadness and reveals himself to be alive once more. And just as He called Mary by name on that first Easter Sunday, so he calls us each by name and promises that He will give us the gift of eternal life.

This is the hope that Christians have even in the midst of a dark and broken world; and it is a hope we can cling to even when we face mourning and sadness of our own.

Journey to Easter

Explore the key events during Holy Week that led up to Jesus' death and celebrate His resurrection through small group, station-based activities. 

This event is great for children Under Age 10 and their families.

Friday, 4/19 -10:00am-1:00pm

Sunday, 4/21 - 9:00am & 10:45

KidStreet 2701 Maple Ave, Lisle