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The Scapegoat

April 14, 2019 Speaker: Tony Dieckmann Series: Before Calvary

Passage: Leviticus 16:6–16:17, Psalms 103, John 1:29–1:37

Our final story looks at an obscure place in the book of Leviticus. On the day of atonement, Aaron is told that he is supposed to sacrifice a goat for the sins of the people. But there is another goat, one who is not sacrificed on the alter, but driven away from the presence of the people. One who would take their sin and their shame upon itself and be driven from the people and out into the wilderness. This strange story looks forward to the day when God would once more offer up a scapegoat, one who would bear the sin and shame of the people and carry them “as far as the east is from the west” in order to remove their transgressions for all time. In Christ, we encounter the one who was cast out so that we might be brought in and become sons and daughters of God.