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Life Without Margin

We belong to God. Adam and Eve had to understand that in a very concrete way. Genesis 2 shows us a very hands-on picture of God forming Adam and constructing Eve. His garden was there home. Their success and happiness came from the provision of His hand....

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Current Events

Read Luke 18:9-14. Day OneIt's always important to notice the audience when Jesus tells a parable. This one is addressed to people "who trusted in themselves that they were righteous" Luke 18:9. Hate crimes reach far back into history but all, even Orlando, have roots in that statement. We sort people into the acceptable and the unacceptable with ourselves as the point of...

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Kids and Families Connect

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" It's a common question to kids, and as I thought about what I would write this week, I actually asked it of my two-year-old. She gave me a blank stare, unsure of the question. And I'm glad too, I'm not ready for her to have an answer....

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Kids And Families Worship


Parents and members of our church family have a responsibility to teach and model worship for children. We teach them the value of regular public worship and how and why we worship. We model living lives of worship. If we as adults are not modeling these things, the long term effect on our children is significant....

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The Word is the Foundation of the Family

Kids need God's Word in all they do....

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Kids Matter - Spiritual Champions

God has a bigger dream for our kids than we do....

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Listening to the Shepherd

Here are 5 invitations to a session of Listening Prayer. Read the text and listen as God prompts you with thoughts of understanding, appreciation, and motivation. Turn those thoughts into prayer....

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Easter Week 3 - The Rock

This week we're reflecting on the third story of Jesus' resurrection appearances in the Gospel of John. The scene is in Galilee, probably in Capernaum Peter's home town. Bold declarative Peter, always in the lead Peter, getting out of the boat Peter, sword swinging Peter has returned home with a total head count of 7, not eleven disciples and empty pockets. His best idea f...

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Easter: Too Good To Be True?

Following Jesus From Easter

You may have missed him, but we first hear Thomas earlier in John's gospel before the events around Jesus' crucifixion. John 10:22 shows Jesus in Jerusalem teaching and being challenged by the authorities about his claim to be sent by God ...

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Easter: Nonsense!

Christianity starts with the claim that something unexplainable happened. No doubt about that! Before you get lost in the 21st century assumption that any sane mind can't go there, you need to understand that even when Jesus resurrection happened, on face value it could not be understood....

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