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May 1, 2022 Speaker: Nick Price Series: Church: Made for More

The first thing that we see about the early church is that they were called and empowered by God to be a part of a much Bigger STORY! On Pentecost, God’s Holy Spirit is poured out on the early believers, and they begin to invite people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to become a part of this story. Peter’s opening sermon highlights how the God of the Universe has been on the move down through the ages to ultimately bring about the salvation that was promised in ages past by coming into the world to live, die, and rise again for us. He accomplishes all of this through Jesus, the One who is both Lord and Christ.

And his invitation to his hearers is to repent - a word that means “turn” - and become a part of this bigger story of redemption. And that is God’s call to us as well. To be the church is to realize that we are a part of a much bigger story, one in which God calls us to participate with Him in the redemption that He is bringing into the world.


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