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Bible App - TGT

July 30, 2017 Speaker: Series: Apps4Life

Topic: Technology Scripture: Psalm 1:1–6, Mark 4:1–20

The Bible is the best selling and most distributed book in human history. Today it is more available than ever. If you have a smart phone you can carry your Bible with you every day, wherever you go, in any language and hundreds of translations… all for free.

 God tells us that regular time in his Word (meditate on it day and night) can change our lives by making us a steady and healthy presence in the world no matter what disaster is around us. He tells us that his Word can guide us as we walk each day on the path of life. He encourages us to “hide” his Word in our hearts, and doing so our lives will be changed.

 Even though all this is true – the Bible is more accessible than ever and its power to change and guide our lives is not diminished one tiny bit – we still do not spend nearly enough time in his Word! I know one local pastor who says, if he could have one wish become true for his church, it would be that every person would hear from God in His Word every day.

 How can you make your Bible app the MOST used app in your smartphone? What could God do in your life if you did? In our church family if we ALL did?

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