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Week 2 - With a Hindu - TGT

March 12, 2017 Speaker: Series: Jesus Walk into a Bar

Topic: Different Religions Scripture: Acts 17:16–34, Hebrews 9:27–28

For the Hindu, you are an eternal being that has been “re-incarnated” in your present form. You may not have a memory of your previous incarnations, but you have always existed and will continue to exist in future incarnations once this life is done. The estate and circumstances of that future incarnation depend on your behavior in this incarnation. Basically, it’s all about karma… the good and the bad you do, and the balance between them.

Jesus’ truth is that we were created in the image of God. We have been given the gift of this life and it is precious and has purpose. When we die, this life is done, but there is new, resurrected life through Jesus that will last forever.

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