Week 1 - Introduction - TGT

March 5, 2017 Speaker: Mark Schulz Series: Jesus Walk into a Bar

Topic: Truth Scripture: John 14:6, John 8:32, Ephesians 4:15

We live in a world that stresses tolerance and acceptance of the beliefs of others. It further teaches that ultimate truth is unknowable, and we each make decisions about that is true for us. (In fact, these ideas are related! If truth is unknowable, then I have no basis to judge or criticize the truth that others accept.) In this context it is also taught that all religions are fundamentally the same, even though they may have superficial differences.

Jesus and His Word teach something very different. Ultimate truth exists and has been revealed to us. What this truth reveals is not superficial, but makes a fundamental difference. All the world religions understand this, and their differences are not superficial but fundamental. Clearly, the differences in what people believe matter. We can be tolerant of those who believe differently than we do, but we cannot and should not accept what they believe – unless we are also willing to set aside love!

That really is the key. Do we love others enough to care about what they believe? Are we willing to speak the truth in love? Are we willing to help them come to know the truth that can set them free?

Imagine if Jesus were to have a chance to sit with people that represent the prominent religious beliefs of our world today. We know that he would love them – and seek to share truth in a way that they could experience the freedom that truth can bring. If we could watch those conversations, what might we learn? Could they prepare us for similar conversations with those around us?

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