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Week 3 - Salt And Light - TGT

February 26, 2017 Speaker: Dan Grissom Series: Them

Topic: Race Relationships Scripture: 2 Chronicles 19:5–7, Isaiah 58:6–9, Matthew 5:9, Matthew 5:13–16

In the first two weeks of this series God has made it pretty clear. We cannot be racists or bigots if we are a part of God’s family. We cannot be “avoiders” who stick to their own kind, or even be insensitive or apathetic to the hurts and struggles of those who are different than us.

But… is that enough? Is it enough for a Christian to simply tend to their own behavior when it comes to racial injustice? Is it enough for a church to be welcome and open? To give the world a little glimpse of the diversity of heaven? The answer in God’s Word is, “No – that is not enough.”

Why? Because God is at work in the spaces that divide us. He invites us to join him there!

God’s people are called to be people who advocate for the poor and afflicted. Who speak up for the oppressed and work to set them free. Who call out injustice in the world around them. And who do this when there is no personal benefit whatsoever from taking a stance on behalf of others. It is not enough to be people of love within the four walls of the church, or even in our mission to share the Gospel. God calls us to be salt and light. To be people who work for change and fight against the power of racism and bigotry in our communities and neighborhoods. As God’s people, both individually and as a family, we must be God’s voice for equality and hope in our world.

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