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Trinity South Naperville | Resources

Trinity South Naperville | Resources


TSN's Connecting Strategy

God’s vision for us includes connecting us with others in our everyday lives in the name of Jesus. In other words, connecting the way Jesus would and still does. So we encourage and empower everyone, young and old, to use a three-tiered strategy we call “ELI”:

Engage: hosting coffee, a meal, a party, or a playdate specifically to socialize and connect with someone else relationally; this includes saying yes to an invitation, too!

Listen: engaging opportunities to hear others and identify a need (that could be met by connecting with a faith family)

Invite: spending time together, beginning spiritual conversations and exploring serving opportunities, to connect you both with God and with others in the faith (and this may or may include inviting to serve with you, to small group or to a worship service in the beginning)

ELI is about connecting with God and others, following the command and example of Jesus, and about walking with people in the beginning steps of faith. Reach out to Pastor Mike for help getting started with ELI!


Joining the Trinity Family

Membership is an often misunderstood term. Membership in the world around us is all about transactional relationships that can be terminated any time one or the other party believes they are no longer getting their needs met. As one commercial used to say, “membership has its privileges.” 

This is NOT what being part of a church is all about! Rather, being a part of a church is about walking together in faith. It is about mutual commitments to one another as we become more like Christ and live out His mission in the world.  

So at Trinity we talk about being a part of the Trinity family. Being a member of the family at Trinity means four specific things: 

1.You are a baptized believer in Jesus.  

The foundation of our faith is the love that God has for us in Christ Jesus. We are given this faith in baptism and that faith is strengthened through the study of God’s Word and the gift of the Lord’s Supper. Being a part of the Trinity family means that you not only confess Jesus as your Lord and Savior but that you continue to grow in your relationship with Him, built on a foundation of Word and Sacrament. 

2.You embrace the Mission and Vision of Trinity 

Our mission, as a church, is to help people look, live, and love more like Jesus. We believe that as we live out this mission, God will transform lives, transform our communities, and transform our world so that more and more people would experience the abundant life He offers to us through Jesus Christ. 

3.You have been taught about the “family values” here at Trinity and are willing to work towards living up to that ideal in your life.  

Being a part of a family means doing your best to live like a member of the family. No one is perfect and we all need to grow towards the ideal. But knowing the goal and committing to work towards it is crucial to being an active member of the family. (For more on the “family values” see below.) 

4.You have signed a covenant with your pastor that commits to growth, and are willing to be held accountable to your commitment.  

The family commits to help you as you grow, and you commit to take growth steps and let someone support, encourage, and regularly check in with you on your progress. 

If you have been through an experience that confirms you are a baptized believer in Jesus, teaches you the family values, and have signed a commitment – then welcome to the family! 

God’s Promise to You 

Living out our faith often comes with its own set of challenges. The good news is that God doesn’t leave you to do it alone. He wants you to experience the full and abundant life that He gives to you in Christ (John 10:10). And it is toward this end that He makes some commitments to you as well.  

God promises to reveal his heart and plan for you through his Word, to give you His love and grace to strengthen your faith, to empower you to live out your faith by giving you His Holy Spirit, and to equip you in every good work as you grow as a follower of Jesus. 

Our Promise to You 

And as your church family, we have some commitments to make to you too. We promise to be a church where God’s Word is taught faithfully, that will help support and equip you to live out your faith and to lead where God has placed you, and to wisely invest the resources that you generously give in a way that advances the mission God has given us. 

Trinity’s Family Values 

And finally, in response to these promises from God and from Trinity, we ask everyone who is a part of Trinity to live out these values. No family is perfect and we recognize that we are all growing, but being in the family means we are all working towards this ideal. 

Worship – We cultivate lives of public and private worship. 

Worship is a vital way that we stay connected to God. We make weekly public worship at one of our sites a high priority. If you can be there, you are there. We also spend time daily in God’s Word and in prayer. 

Connect – We are in small group communities.  

Those small groups are healthy, meaning they study the Word, are coached in and connected to Trinity’s mission, and meet regularly.  

Serve – We serve regularly in a ministry at Trinity and in our local communities.  

We seek to know our gifts and use them for the sake of others. We serve the Trinity community and our local communities either through a Trinity ministry or on our own.  

Generosity – We tithe or give beyond a tithe. 

Tithing is giving 10% off the top. But being generous is about more than a minimum percentage. It means we are also open to being generous whenever God gives us an opportunity to do so. 

Leading – We are willing to be led and to use our gifts to lead others.  

Everyone needs the support, encouragement, and accountability that comes from being led. But it also means becoming a leader for the sake of serving others. 

Sharing – We intentionally cultivate and have relationships with at least 2 people who are far from God.  

We all have people in our lives who don’t yet follow Jesus. Committing to sharing means we are actively praying for them, inviting them to church, and having regular spiritual conversations with them. 

Accountability - We are willing to be held accountable for our own growth and leadership by others within the church family. 

Accountability means that we are willing to follow through on our commitments and receive the support and encouragement from others to do so. It means being transparent with those in our small group communities and our leadership teams about what is going on in our lives and where we could use encouragement and support. 

Taking Next Steps

If you are ready to be a part of the Trinity family, we invite you to share with us your next steps in continuing to look, live, and love more like Jesus. Contact your site pastor, Mike Curtis, and then print and sign a Trinity Family Covenant, indicating your willingness to grow in your walk with Christ. Give a copy to Pastor Mike for his commitment as well. Blessings on you and yours as you grow!


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Discipleship Resources

Spiritual Life Assessment - This important instrument helps up figure out where we are with Trinity's seven Family Values: Worshiping, Connecting, Serving, Leading, Sharing, Generosity and Accountability. Connect with a small group leader and talk with him or her about your results; together, you'll take faith-steps forward and grow!

Becoming a "Discipler" - Growing in faith, to look, live and love more like Jesus and help others do the same, is the calling of every Trinity Family member. Here's our vision for the "job description" of a Jesus follower.

Becoming a Small Group Leader - Stepping into small group leadership means stepping into the single most important leadership role in the church. Here's what that powerful step looks like! Are you gifted and called to lead others in this way? 


Other Resources

Trinity offers many resources to help you look, live and love more like Jesus and help others do the same. Reach out to our equipping ministries leader, Marge Franzen, for next steps!

Racial Reconciliation - See these readings for help with addressing a very difficult and challenging subject; find hope and peace in Christ as you see others through God's eyes. 

Toolkit - a great place online to promote your spiritual growth.

Podcasts – Here you will find the latest messages. Search by topics, bibles verses, or speaker.

Facebook – We’d love to connect with you on Facebook.