500 Years of Reformation

500 Years of Reformation

This October marks the 500th anniversary of one of the most important events in Western civilization: the Reformation. On October 31 of 1517 a penniless monk named Martin Luther sparked the revolution that would change everything. Throughout the month of October, Trinity will feature a variety of events and opportunities to learn about the Reformation and its ongoing impact for both the church and the world. Below you will find more information about upcoming events in your area. We invite you to join us in commemorating this historic movement.

In addition, we will host a special Reformation church service on Sunday, October 29, at 8:30 and 10:00 am at Trinity Kimberly Way. We are encouraging everyone to wear RED on that day in honor of this historic event.


Morning Lecture by Pastor Nick 

Learn about the history of the Reformation and why this movement still matters for the church today. Led by Pastor Nick, this event will look at some of the ways that the Reformation continues to influence our life and faith. 

Luther's Life Walk | October 28, 10:00am

In 1517, a young priest walked a short distance from his room to the doors of the church nearby. Little did he know that the invitation to debate he nailed to the church door would change the world. Find out more about that day as you take a Walk through time.

Experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of life during the time of Martin Luther. Arranged on the grounds of Trinity Early Childhood Center, this special event is designed for people of all ages, so bring the whole family to take a step back in time! 


Reformation 500 Celebration @ Concordia Chicago | Saturday, October 28, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Families, congregations, and schools join in a day-long festival commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. A renaissance-faire atmosphere will provide educational, dramatic and spiritual activities for children of all ages. Adult seminars will engage important topics related to Lutheran history, education, missions and family life. A Reformation worship service concludes the day featuring a region-wide children's choir. For more information and to register go to www.cuchicago.edu/reformation.

Informational Podcasts about the Reformation

Listen to podcasts about the era of the Reformation, hear experts discuss what happened and why it is still important today.  Choose from a variety of topics—like how to respond to your next-door neighbor who says “Lutherans don’t care about good works.” Or why music, science, and politics were forever impacted by Reformation events.

The Story of Martin Luther (Playmobil Animation)

Stop motion animation that uses Playmobil to tell the story of Martin Luther, and the Reformation. Over 4000 individual photos bring to life scenes from the life of Luther like the castle where he hid as an outlaw, Wittenberg where he taught, the monastery where he was gripped by the Bible, and the Imperial Council at Worms.

Reformation Rock Video

Learn Reformation history with a catchy tune that helps the facts stick in your mind!  Written by Michael Bridges and performed by Lost & Found, Reformation Rock covers topics such as how Luther’s beliefs differed from the Catholic Church’s, the influential people and notable events that marked the Reformation, and the role Gutenberg’s printing press played in spreading Luther’s teachings across Europe. 

Reformation 500 Documentary: The Impact of the Reformation Today

A lone monk’s actions 500 years ago continue to have a great impact. Hear from some of the world’s greatest scholars on Martin Luther and the significance of the Reformation for our modern world in “500: The Impact of the Reformation Today,” a documentary that reveals how the Reformation surrounds us more than we realize through religion, politics and our society. This thought-provoking documentary delves beyond the history of the Reformation, showing how its events and leaders left lasting effects on almost every aspect of modern-day life. Four years in the making, portions were shot on location throughout Germany where the actual Reformation events occurred. The documentary is hosted by St. Louis Fox News Anchor Sandy Miller.

Is the Reformation still relevant on college campus?

A challenge to college students: It’s time to be bold, to dare to learn, to dare to think, to speak, to confess, to engage and care to those in the dying world around you. Martin Luther dared to engage his academic community, and his 95 theses remind us that wherever we are that the Reformation is all about Jesus – still!

Reformation 2017 logo and explanation

image (1)This logo takes many elements from Luther’s seal, which is the most easily recognized symbol for Lutheranism. It was common in Luther’s day for people to create a seal or coat of arms for their families, and that seal told the world what the family cared about or did for a living. It’s no surprise, then, that Luther’s seal was all about Jesus!

At the center of Luther’s seal, and at the center of the Reformation 2017 logo, is a red heart in the middle of a white rose. (The heart and rose together are commonly referred to as Luther’s rose.) As Luther explained in one of his writings, “The heart in the middle of white rose shows that faith gives joy, comfort, and peace. It immediately sets [the believer] into the midst of a white, joyful rose, not like the peace and joy the world offers. That is why the rose should be white, not red. White is the color of the spirits and all angels.”

At the center of that rose is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Jesus is the center and Rock of our faith. He has been since He came to Earth in the flesh, and He still is today. The word “still” bears witness to the ever and ongoing relevance of this one, saving truth for sinners.