All of Trinity will be worshiping online only this weekend.  Services will stream on Sunday at 8:30 am and 10:30 am.   Please see our Covid-19 plan for more information.

Visual Worship Helps Connect Us to What We Hear


Historically, Lutheran worship has always been “visual” to draw in the listener. Worship has never been just listening to or saying words; it’s used things to help us connect, like stained glass, altars, robes and symbols. The modern mind may appreciate these older symbols, but also may feel very distant from it. At Trinity Galewood this Lenten season, we’ve been using visual worship and kinesthetic worship (doing, touching and interacting) to draw people in and connect with their daily lives.


Emptiness square     Purification square

Our Ash Wednesday service focused on “Stations of Ash” to experience what ash means. Worshipers walked up to each station and held the diverse kinds of ash in their hands. People could walk through the “Stations of Ash” on their own in the afternoon or experience it together in worship at 7 p.m.

Compassion Wall TGW.JPG

Our Sunday worship used a “Compassion Wall” in church (made of old boxes and brown kraft paper) to focus our actions during the week. With the necessity to now do church online, the Compassion Wall was “moved” to our weekly email – providing us weekly tasks and showing us what our acts of compassion slowly reveals.