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Trinity's Disater Response Team - Fultondale, Alabama EF-3 Tornado


As some of you may remember, on January 25, a 500 feet wide, 150 mph EF-3 tornado was on the ground for 9.5 miles through Fultondale, Alabama, leaving a path of destruction that killed and injured residents as well as destroyed homes, schools, and businesses. This tornado was located just a few miles from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Gardendale, where Pastor Ed Brashier, Southern District Disaster Response Coordinator, serves. They are now one of the churches in this community that have committed to serving the disaster-affected residents for the long road of recovery they are currently facing.

In light of this storm and out of respect for Pastor Ed and all that he has done for others, our team reached out to him to see how we might support him in some way. Pastor Ed is historically on the front lines in every disaster in the Southern District areas - always coordinating assistance wherever it is needed. This one hit right in his backyard. Pastor Ed's greatest concern right now is finding temporary housing for people that are displaced for an extended period of time. The need is much greater than what Walmart gift cards can buy.

After a lengthy discussion and conferring with the leaders of the Trinity's LERT, we have sent funds to Shepherds Heart Ministry to enable Pastor Ed to purchase a mobile home to provide temporary housing for a family in need. We decided to use funds from our existing LERT fund rather than put a call out to our congregation at this time.

Just like the messages in our Chosen series, and God's reminder that we have been chosen, it fills our hearts to reach out and be able to touch people with our love and resources.