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Statewide mask mandate requires a mask be worn during indoor events regardless of vaccination status.  Please see Trinity's Covid-19 page for more information. - Updated September 2, 2021

Tornado Response


Trinity’s Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT) has been active this week responding to those who have been affected by last Sunday night’s tornado.

Trinity’s team has met with homeowners, prayed with them, and helped them in practical ways such as chainsaw work for large trees, removing debris from yards, helping them pack up their belongings and feeding entire neighborhoods. This work continues and will continue for the next several weeks.

If you’re interested in serving, please contact Amy Narot of Trinity's Community Impact Ministry at

t1picture2021It's encouraging to know people are interested in donating items for their neighbors, and we do have some guidance/thoughts on ways that can be done. Please accept them simply as suggestions, not as the only way to proceed.

As of right now, Trinity is not collecting items for families because right now we don’t believe any of those families affected by the tornado are currently looking for furniture, clothing or other household items. While there are some families who have sustained much loss, they are all likely in the process of trying to secure a place to live and not ready to replace their items or in need of furniture yet.

If someone has items to donate, we recommend contacting Sharing Connections at or 630-971-0565. They do great work in the community. In fact, families that have lost everything and are working with the Red Cross or other social agencies will likely have been referred to Sharing Connections, so that's a great option.

t2picture2021The Purple Manatee resale shop ( or call 630-376-6006) is also working with the Red Cross accepting donations of clothing, household goods and baby items.

Food items can always be donated to the West Suburban Community Pantry. More information can be found at or by calling 630-512-9921.

As always, you can make a monetary donation to Trinity’s Disaster Recovery fund (LERT).

Thank you for the generous spirit of wanting to help those less fortunate. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions.