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Mission Team Update: Voice of Care


Many people think that Trinity’s Mission Committee is comprised of only foreign missions; Mission Partner, Voice of Care is located in the US. Voice of Care’s mission is to equip the Church to nurture people with disabilities and their caregivers in their walk with Christ.

While many churches have people with developmental disabilities, all churches have people who are facing disabilities from the aging processes. Many of these people find themselves isolated from church and need the congregation to reach out to them in special ways. Trinity itself has seen this in its Children’s Ministry but also the formation of a small group for Adults with Disabilities. This small group was formed at the request of a member, Peter Stewart, so that his housemates could study the Bible. It now has other members of the community attending. Three members of Trinity have found joy in teaming together to provide the leadership for this group. Also it is a field work site for deaconess students attending Concordia College. All this because Voice of Care could train lay leaders and provide the right kind of resource material for them. Voice of Care is working with other congregations to do the same.

REST (Respite Education and Support Tools)

Voice of Care trained 6 trainers in 2018, 4 of which are bilingual and will carry out their ministry among the Hispanic communities of the NID (Northern Illinois District). This spring 8 more volunteer trainers will receive training. Voice of Care in cooperation with New York State Respite Coalition trained a church in Rochester New York to do faith based care.

One of the trainers, Jan Boerman from Trinity, is leading the training in cooperation with LCC’s LERT program to have volunteer responders able to care for people with special needs during a disaster by setting up a respite event at the host church.

Missions helps people with the love of Christ wherever they may live—whether in the US or around the world!