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According to Barna “More than two out of five Americans believe that, when it comes to what happens in this country today, ‘people of faith’ (42 percent) and ‘religion’ (46 percent) are part of the problem, rejecting the idea that religious individuals could be a part of the solution.” We live in a society where the perception about Christians, in particular, is that we are not just irrelevant but extreme. But what if the Christian faith could actually be the best news for our world today? How might a more faithful, humble, and Christian-centered posture help us not only address these negative perceptions, but actually point people to the radical and transformative power of the Gospel?

August 30, 2020


Speaker: Mark Schulz Series: unChristian

August 23, 2020


Speaker: Mike Curtis Series: unChristian

August 16, 2020


Speaker: Mark Schulz Series: unChristian