We Give Sacrificially

November 12, 2017 Speaker: Tony Dieckmann Series: This is Us

Topic: Trinity's Mission Scripture: Acts 2:45–2:46, Acts 4:32–5:11

It is very likely that the decision to follow Jesus had very real costs in the lives of people in the early church. The separation from family and friends who did not share their faith undoubtedly had an impact. How did the other members of the church family face this? They sold their possessions and belongings (the imperfect tense here indicates that this was not a big, one time thing, but rather an ongoing thing done by individuals as needs arose) to help those in need. This sacrificial giving was done out of their generous hearts (v. 46) and not in response to a command by God or the apostles. God encourages us to shift our mindset as they shifted theirs – from amassing wealth for ourselves to giving generously and sacrificially to help others and the cause of the Gospel.