Groups at Trinity Green Trails

Groups at Trinity Green Trails

Small Groups

Trinity wants to be a church where people experience the fullness of God’s plan of life together.  Church was never meant to be a loose connection of people who just come together occasionally for worship or fellowship. We can’t experience God’s best for our lives independently from one another. God's design, depends on a deep connection with Jesus that forges life-giving connections with others. These connections fuse us together with blessings that give hope, strength, growth, purpose and love to all who stay connected. This is the body of Christ, life together as Jesus intends it, with each part growing to maturity so that the whole body is built up in love.

The Apostle Paul calls the church, “the body of Christ” 1 Corinthians 12:12-27  We are to be functional life giving parts so the world will see the reality of Jesus. When healthy, the body of Christ acts as Jesus bringing transformation.

At Trinity, we believe that life is meant to be shared—We Belong Together. Jesus Himself had a small group of twelve men with whom he shared life and where they could walk together as they learned what it means to follow God. 

Small groups are the life of our church and the key to our spiritual growth as individuals. Small groups meet weekly, Sunday through Saturday, throughout the Lisle/Naperville/Wheaton/Downers Grove/Woodridge/Bolingbrook, Plainfield area. Each group meets for about 2 hours, and we know people are busy, so our groups make sure to start and end on time.

The small group gathering usually begins with refreshments and socializing, followed by a discussion focused on life application of the Bible. If you’re visiting a small group, you’ll find that you can participate in the discussion as much or as little as you’d like, with any amount of familiarity with the Bible.

If you have any questions about group life at Trinity, contact Tony Dieckmann.