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Family Events

Welcome to In-Home Camp KidStreet Vacation Bible School 2020! We pray this experience helps your family to engage in faith conversations and experiences from the safety of your own home. Our theme this year is TRUST GOD! We will be exploring this using the events of Moses found in the book of Exodus.

Please email Amanda Skubinna ( if you have any questions. If you didn't receive an in-home kit with some materials, please reach out as well! We would love to get one to your family!

Overview Grid
Activities on this grid are designed to be implemented based on 5 themes. You can do these 5 themes in a week, in a month, spread out over the remainder of the summer or however works best for your family. Spending time talking about God is the goal! Modify the activities or don't do some of them. Click on the link above to download, print and display the calendar somewhere in your home for your children to view easily.

Worship Video
Click below to learn actions and spend some time worshipping God as part of your in-home VBS experience.

Moses Videos
Click on the character videos below for each theme for your child to hear directly from Moses about TRUSTING GOD.
Theme 1 - Baby Moses

Theme 2 - The Ten Plagues

Theme 3 - The Red Sea

Theme 4 - Manna & Quail

Theme 5 - The 10 Commandments