Parenting Through the Phases Seminar

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November 18, 2023

9:00am – 2:00pm

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As parents, grandparents and anyone who interacts with kids, you know one thing—your kids are always changing. From newborn to twelfth grade, there is always something new in their development, or some new challenge they are facing, or some new obstacle they are overcoming. So how do we make the most of each developmental phase in a kid’s life? How do we parent in a way that helps our kids feel known and supported? How can we anticipate some of the challenges they will face? 

Join us on Saturday, November 18th for a 1-day seminar to learn how to discover the kids in your life at every phase!

When: Saturday, November 18 from 9am-2pm

Where: Trinity Kimberly Way (1101 Kimberly Way, Lisle)

Food: Lunch & Snacks are included

Childcare: Available - please register your children so we can provide appropriate ratios.

Cost: Donations will be accepted, but not required, towards food costs. 

Contact with any questions or concerns.