Speaking of the King

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The word “Advent” means “arrival”. It is a season in which we are waiting for the second coming of Christ by looking back at his first coming. It helps to remind us of who Jesus is and why he came.


November 27: Some Guy from Nazareth (Hope)

Week 1 of Advent is often known as the week of “Hope”. Yet oftentimes hope seems to be far away, even at the holidays. Maybe our Advent journey has started in tragedy, as with the loss of a loved one. Maybe our Advent journey has started in hardship due to the loss of a job or a home. In these moments, we wonder, “Where is God? Does he know? Does he even care?” Which is why the first title for Jesus that we receive is so helpful: He is simply “Jesus of Nazareth”. Rather than being a king, dwelling in a palace in Jerusalem or marble halls in Rome, Jesus was just an average guy, from an average neighborhood.

Week One Recap

During week one, Pastor Nick introduced us to Mission India and how the Hope of Jesus is shared through a simple cup of tea.

December 4 : The Rabbi (Peace)

Week 2 of Advent is known as the week of “Peace.” We live in a world where people are desperate for peace: peace between nations, peace in their communities, peace in their homes, even inner peace. Sadly, we are too often left wondering where to find it, as the world’s solutions seem temporary at best.

December 11: The Messiah/King (Joy)

Week 3 of Advent is known as the week of “Joy”. The people of Jesus’ day were those who were longing for something to rejoice in. They lived in a world that was harsh; poverty, disease, disaster, and Roman oppression marked their days. They longed for God to send a promised Savior. 

December 18: The Lamb (Love)

The fourth and final week of Advent is the week of “Love”. We live in a world where the word “Love” is thrown around a lot but the actual thing seems to be in short supply. Too often the love we give to one another is conditional, based on what we have done or failed to do. Which is why the final title of Jesus that we are focusing on is so important, because it bears within it a sign of just how unconditional Jesus’ love for us is.

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