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Nearness of God


In 1966 TIME Magazine’s front page asked the question, “Is God Dead?” What the article went on to explore was the challenge presented by the brokenness of our world to religious faith. What it argued was that if God is not dead, He is at least absent or elusive. MIA. Asleep on the job. It dared to ask, “If God is still alive, where is He?”

This longing to encounter God, especially when He seems so absent, has not dwindled. But where is He? In the ancient world, people would go to Temples, shrines, and other holy places. Today, we try to encounter God through religious experiences and mountaintop retreats, in which we try to get away from the mess and the chaos around us.

But what if God was a lot closer than we might think?  Join us for our series, Nearness to God, starting May 19.

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Week 1: Where Is God? (May 19th)

Week 2: Christ in Community (May 26th)

Week 3: The Whole of Creation (June 2nd)