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The book of Job is possibly the oldest one in Scripture. Job predates Moses and possibly even Abraham, and yet he shows an incredible amount of trust and insight into the character of God and the condition of our world. But more than this, the story of Job is a story of going from death to life, from desolation to restoration.

In this story, Job - a man who trusts in God - is put to the test, afflicted by Satan because of his trust in the Lord. While tried and tempted throughout, by friends with poor answers for Job’s sufferings and accusations on their lips, Job ultimately looks to God for his deliverance and for an answer to his trials. And God answers. God comes to Job at his lowest moment and reveals His glory. Job cries out for his Redeemer and His Redeemer responds.

This Weekend (April 27/28) - "Hope in the Midst of Suffering"

When suffering comes, it is tempting to blame God. After all, if God is good and all-powerful, why wouldn’t He just stop suffering before it happens? And yet, at the outset of Job we see God allowing the suffering of one of his servants. In Job God reveals the character of God, and purpose of true faith even in the midst of suffering.

That is what makes the beginning of the book of Job so surprising, for twice it says, “Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.” Why? Because Job knows the character of God; that he is good and just, and that his purposes are far greater than our own.

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