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Current Series


This advent we will celebrate what God has done and prepare for the celebration of Christmas by looking at Trinity’s four mission partners and how our work with them flows from the message and mission of Advent and Christmas. We will use the four traditional “Advent words” to focus on God’s Word and what he has done and continues to do through us.

This Weekend (December 7/8) - "Peace"

The prophet Isaiah foretold a time when all wars would end, and peace would once again rule God’s creation. So great would this peace be that all the nations would destroy their weapons, turning them into implements for planting and weeding crops and tending to the grape vines. This peace would happen because of the arrival of a new leader – a child, a son, upon whose shoulders would rest the leadership of all the nations. Among his names would be the name, “Prince of Peace.”

During Advent we celebrate the coming of this child, the son of God, Jesus. He came once to bring peace into the relationship between God and man, and through his death we indeed have that peace! He will come again to bring that peace to its fullest fulfillment as all creation will be at peace under his reign.

This week we in Advent celebrate the coming Jesus who comes to bring peace. This week we also highlight the mission partnership we have with Josiah Venture in Estonia.

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