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Current Series

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Generosity: its one of the easiest things to fake and hardest things to achieve. But what we believe is that we have an extravagantly generous God who delights in giving good gifts to people. And He desires to help us become generous people as well.

In this series we will look at four different WAYS to be generous, and four different ASPECTS of that generosity. Each week we will explore how generosity involves:

Week One: A Generous God. There is none more generous than our God. He gives his time. He is always there for us. He provides for us. He wants to be with us.

Week Two: An Intentional Plan. Generosity doesn't happen by accident. Generosity takes intentionality. It does not happen without forethought and planning.

Week Three: Progress Over Time. Generosity happens step-by-step. While God calls us to be generous as he is generous, he also knows that we need to grow into this goal for our lives. Becoming a person who is generous with time, heart, finances, and life takes time.

Week Four: A Vision for What Can Be. We give so the impossible becomes possible. Sometimes the need seems so great, and our resources so small, that we are reluctant to give, fearing what we give might go to waste. As a result we can be reluctant to give our time, our resources, our care, our hospitality. But God can take what we give and accomplish the impossible with it, if we are only willing to be generous!

Join us as we learn how to live counter-cultural lives of generosity that reflect the heart of our generous God.

Service Times: Saturday at 5pm, Sunday's at 9 & 10:45am

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