What keeps the Bible from being more useful in your life?   Perhaps you haven’t really read it. Perhaps you couldn’t understand it. Perhaps you can’t organize your time. Perhaps you’ve left it up to others. Crossways offers you a disciplined approach to reading the entire Bible and teaches you to find understanding in the message God has sent to you.  

What happens to people in Crossways?

  • Learn to read the Bible with understanding on their own. That means they gain confidence as self- feeders.
  • Explore the complex character of God presented in the Bible and his plan for creation. That means finally taking a mature look at what the Bible tells us about God.
  • Meet Jesus – the active, present, caring, in the flesh Savior and understand his mind, method, manner and ministry. That means defining grace and love through the lens of Jesus.
  • Define their identity and purpose by Jesus’ definition. That means becoming so much like Jesus, that others can experience his love in their presence.
  • Equipped to share these results with their small group and ministry teams. That means empowering confident and effective leaders.

Starting in this Fall, Crossways will cover the scope of the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and the book of Acts. In 10 weeks we’ll look at key issues in the religious and political world of first-century Judaism to understand the characters on the stage. Then reading each Gospel closely you’ll meet Jesus and hear him teach Good News about God’s Kingdom and act out love in surprising ways. You’ll learn about loving God and loving others.

By immersing in each Gospel, we’ll see each author’s unique message about Jesus and appreciate the special character of each. We’ll also be forming a solid theology about Jesus the Christ and his impact on our lives.

The section wraps up with a study of the history of the early church as related in the Acts of the Apostles.

Crossways starts September 13/14 and meets at Trinity Kimberly Way, 1101 Kimberly Way, Lisle.

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