Care Ministries

Community Resources 

Trinity wants to help connect you to outside resources that can help further address your overall care needs including: general help, crisis support, housing, food & nutrition, and transportation.
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Are you facing a storm in your life?

GraceCare is Christ-centered one on one care. GraceCare leaders are available to spend approximately one hour a week with individuals who are struggling with life issues. This is a very confidential process. Email us at for more information.

GraceCare is also looking for individuals to volunteer to help those in the storms of life. For more information on volunteering please email


Professional Counseling

If you are seeking professional counseling, you can download our list of recommended counselors.

Visitation Teams at Trinity

We realize that being in the hospital, at home or in a facility for any amount of time can be an unsettling experience bringing about different feelings and emotions. At Trinity, we desire to walk beside you during these times, offering presence, comfort and companionship in the name of our loving and merciful Savior Jesus who promises to always be with us and meeet us in our time of need. These teams are an extension of the ministry of our pastoral staff at Trinity.


Are you in the hospital? Feeling lonely? Afraid? Just want to talk? Please let us know. Let us come and visit you in the hospital to offer you support, scripture and prayer. Our team of experienced and trained care providers will visit you and can ensure you receive any needed follow-up care from Trinity. To request a visit, please call 630-964-1272

At-Home or in a facility

Homebound or in a facility for an extended period of time? Feeling isolated? Alone? Just want to talk?  Let our team of experienced and equipped care providers visit you to bring you communion, scripture readings, prayer, and a smile. To request a visit, please call 630-964-1272


GriefCare - For people hurting from loss

GriefCareLogoFINAL-02GriefCare is a support group for adults who have experienced the death of a family member or friend. GriefCare helps participants learn the normal reactions of grief, the process of working through the journey of grief, how to adjust to living without their loved one and to reinvest in life with renewed hope and purpose.

Learn more about GriefCare by visiting their dedicated website.



Medical equipment closet

Trinity is available to meet your physical needs. We have a free medical closet at our Kimberly Way site with many donated medical items for your use, as needed and/or appropriate. To access the closet, please call Trinity’s main office at 630-964-1272